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Keepsake's primary focus is to envision, create and deliver a product of
unparalleled scope and magnitude for our clients. Our company specializes
in all major disciplines of photography & video.
Great photographers need an artistic eye and the ability to be creative under pressure. Keepsake
has developed these visual senses and skills. Shooting in a style more like a fashion photographer
than a portrait photographer. Keepsake "sketches" with the camera, capturing the subtle nuances of
feelings and emotions present in every person or event he photographs.

Artistic and talented but flexible and relaxed, shooting in a broad range of styles, Keepsake will give
you moments of memories that will last forever.

Our Philosophy: “Follow Your Heart” Photography is all about capturing life the way your heart sees
it. We try to pay attention to our senses. We go after moments that appeal to us and make us feel
good inside. We strive on capturing the inner beauty of people by focusing on the little things that
attract us to them. Everyone has these qualities and they are easy to find if you look for them. When
you shoot from the heart, your work will always be your own; something no one else can copy.

Our ultimate goal is to create images that not only tell a story, but also become a tangible reminder
of the feelings and chemistry shared between people.
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